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Bicycle Tune-ups and Service Packages

Tune-up Packages

Annual Tune-ups will give the pros a chance to help you through the season ahead. Your bike will get a full work-over as well as an inspection which can save you from a breakdown.

  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs
  • True front and rear wheels
  • Lube chain, cables, and all pivots
  • Adjust all bearings
  • Light cleaning of frame and wheels
Pricing is based on bike type:
Standard Bike Tune-up$59.97
Single Speed Bike Tune-up$49.97
Trike Tune-up$69.97
Tandem Tune-up$79.97

Overhaul Packages

Bring us your tired, old, and well-used bikes for a complete revitalization. Highly recommended for daily or higher mileage riders.

Overhaul packages include:
  • Standard tune service
  • Thorough drivetrain cleaning and lubrication in our parts washer
  • Overhaul front and rear hub bearings with new grease and ball bearings
  • Overhaul headset bearings
Pricing is based on bike type:
Standard Bike Overhaul$139.97
Single Speed Overhaul$129.97
Trike Overhaul$149.97
Tandem Overhaul$169.97

Drivetrain Cleaning, $39.97

Keep road grime at bay and help prolong the life of valuable components. We'll remove your chain, cassette, crankset, nd derailleurs and clean them in our aqueous parts washer, then reinstall, adjust, and properly lubricate the moving parts.

Install all new cables with Tune, $34.97

This is our recommendation for the best way to improve shifting and braking performance. If your cables and housing are a few seasons old, you probably haven't noticed their slow decline in performance. New cables and housing makes your bike feel lively and fresh again! (Note: this is a labor package and does not include the cost of the cables and housing to be installed.)

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